The calendar of TOPE events

Down below, you can find the calendar of all the (planned) TOPE events (with direct links to the galleries of the realised themes). If you have any good suggestions for a TOPE theme, please send them to: ogreve@millennics.com.

TOPE 1: Self Portraits
Shooting date:
I want to see all your faces, so there are no date restrictions for this one!
Meet the members of the Olympus OM mailing list! This theme has specifically been chosen in order to get to know one another a bit better, and therefore there are no restrictions to the shooting interval (don't send in baby pictures though!) ;). This is the only event for which additional submissions will remain welcome, even well after the other events are already in progress.

TOPE 2: Night Pictures
Shooting date:
From: +/- April 14th, 2000
Until: +/- May 30th, 2000.
Show that totally different view on the world we get when looking at things at night time! A simple example? Well, just compare the difference between a daytime shot of the Eifel tower (pretty ugly brownish tower, with heaps of tourists) and a nighttime shot of that nice massive "golden A".

TOPE 3: Bokeh
Shooting date:
From: +/- August 14th, 2000
Until: +/- September 30th, 2000.
Do the "hokeh bokeh" and give yourself a reason to justify buying some expensive glass like a 100/2 or 180/2! This is the theme in which especially the out of focus parts of the picture matters most. Take a pick of a "bad bokeh lens", or of one of the smooth "glass bokeh wonders" to give your demonstration of lovely or terrible bokeh.

TOPE 4: Abstract Photography
Shooting date:
From: +/- October 14th, 2000
Until: +/- November 30th, 2000.
Anything which will make the viewer wonder what the heck it is that appears in the picture should do nicely.

TOPE 5: Portraits
Shooting date:
From: +/- February 14th, 2001
Until: +/- March 30th, 2001.
Show us some nice people shots. The portraits can be candids, or well composed studio shots.

TOPE 6: Macro
Shooting date:
From: +/- April 14th, 2001
Until: +/- May 30th, 2001.
The small world of wonders that is revealed to us through macro photography can be truly amazing! This is one of the things in which our beloved OM system excels, and it can even be realised with very cheap gear (off brand extension tubes, close-up lenses).

TOPE 7: Human Society
Shooting date:
From: +/- August 14th, 2001
Until: +/- September 30th, 2001.
Capture the dynamic aspects of a big metropolis, or take some nice pics of a small Andean village. Anything to capture the interesting aspects of a group of humans living together goes.

TOPE 8: Flash Photography
Shooting date:
From: +/- October 14th, 2001
Until: +/- November 30th, 2001.
No I'm not referring to "exposing" ourselves ;) but rather to making sure that the "film exposures" will have been made using one or more flashes. Just try to obtain some interesting effects using one or more flashes.

TOPE 9: Landscapes
Shooting date:
From: +/- February 14th, 2002
Until: +/- March 30th, 2002.
Definitely an outdoors theme. :) See what nice landscapes you can capture with either a wide angle, or a telephoto lens, or if you prefer so, with a standard lens. No gear restrictions (provided it is made by Olympus, of course ;) ).

TOPE 10: Water
Shooting date:
From: +/- April 14th, 2002
Until: +/- May 30th, 2002.
Water... The very essence of life. Capture some of its important aspects, or capture a nice shot in which the water plays a vital role. A very open theme, which can even include snow and ice, as that is water too!

TOPE 11: Architecture
Shooting date:
From: +/- August 14th, 2002
Until: +/- September 30th, 2002.
The shots for this theme can be both of an interior as well as of an exterior. The idea is to take interesting pictures of architecture, or pictures of interesting architecture, or better yet: interesting pictures of interesting architecture. :) So, if you have one of them: go grab your shift lens and do your best, and do not worry if you do not have a shift lens; any lens is allowed, and in the hands of a gifted photographer, with any lens you can get good architectural pictures (well... using a bellows macro lens might be a bit of a challenge...;) )

TOPE 12: Things that show age
Shooting date:
From: +/- October 14th, 2002
Until: +/- November 30th, 2002.
A very open theme, basically anything or anyone that shows age will do. Of course the idea is to get a picture in which the age of the subject is important, either for the composition or for some other thing/person related to the picture (e.g. a person turning 100 would be a great subject, even if not every groove in their face shows in the picture).

TOPE 13: Black and white photography
Shooting date:
From: +/- February 14th, 2003
Until: +/- March 30th, 2003.
It is what it says, and it says what it is: black and white photography of all sorts is key here. The deliberate lack of colour should yield very interesting results. For some people this may even be a nostalgic theme, as it will give them a good motive to go back into the dark room.

TOPE 14: Patterns and textures
Shooting date:
From: +/- April 14th, 2003
Until: +/- May 30th, 2003.
The idea is to show interesting patterns and/or textures. These can be either patterns/textures that occur in nature, or ones that are man-made.

TOPE 15: Landmarks
Shooting date:
From: +/- August 14th, 2003
Until: +/- September 30th, 2003.
Get some shots of interesting landmarks. The landmarks can be from your own country, but they can also be from other countries. Furthermore, the landmarks do not necessarily have to have been made by humans, as nature at times does a much better job at creating landmarks than any human ever could.

TOPE 16: Movement or motion
Shooting date:
From: +/- October 14th, 2003
Until: +/- November 30th, 2003.
The key for this theme is to get a picture in which movement or motion plays a vital part. Not only do pictures qualify in which the subject is in movement, but also pictures taken by a photographer who was in motion when taking the picture are valid.

TOPE 17: Reflections
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2003
Until: +/- January 21st, 2004.
For this theme reflections should play the key role. Pictures can be either of something in which the reflections look interesting or they can be of something reflected in something else. Oh well, you get the idea...;)

TOPE 18: Machines and tools
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2004
Until: +/- April 21st, 2004.
This is your opportunity for shooting some cool pictures of the marvels of the human society. The machines and tools that are to be photographed do not necessarily have to be intricate, just show some nice aspect of the machines and/or tools, or simply show a nice picture of machines and/or tools.

TOPE 19: Through a window
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2004
Until: +/- July 21st, 2004.
This should be an interesting and very open theme... The description simply states "through a window", now... It's up to you guys to give a valid interpretation to that.

TOPE 20: Urban scene or cityscapes
Shooting date:
From: +/- September 10th, 2004
Until: +/- October 21st, 2004.
For this theme the idea is to get a picture that shows some aspect of the places people live in; in other words urban scenes. The theme also includes cityscapes, so if you happen to find yourself in a metropolis during the shooting interval you can take such a shot as well.

TOPE 21: Simplicity
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2004
Until: +/- January 21st, 2005.
This should simply be quite simple. Simply shoot some simple shots showing the simplicity of simple or none-simple things, or take a simple shot of something. Quite simple, right? ;)

TOPE 22: Sunsets, sunrises and skies
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2005
Until: +/- April 21st, 2005.
Sunrises will do, sunsets will do, and other nice/interesting skies will fit the bill as well.

TOPE 23: Vehicles/Transportation
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2005
Until: +/- July 21st, 2005.
In a world so much centralised around vehicles and means of transportation it should be very interesting to see a gallery of the various related things in use (or in previous or future use) throughout the different countries all over the world.

TOPE 24: Nature
Shooting date:
From: +/- September 10th, 2005
Until: +/- October 21st, 2005.
For this theme, any nature shot is acceptable, so you can shoot pictures of flora, fauna or the both of them. One could even shoot a shot of a completely bare mountain. Just as long as the subject was created by mother nature.

TOPE 25: Technology
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2005
Until: +/- January 21st, 2006.
Where would we be nowadays without technology? The idea of this theme is to show technology in all its intricacies, or perhaps the contrary of showing just how simple technology can be at times. Also, showing the application of technology for achieving specific purposes is a valid interpretation of the theme, just along as (some) of the technological means are shown as well then.

TOPE 26: Shadows/Silhouettes
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2006
Until: +/- April 21st, 2006.
Shadows will do, silhouetttes will do, and even silhouettes in shadows or shadows in silhouettes will do.

TOPE 27: Low angle/Dog's eye view
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2006
Until: +/- July 21st, 2006.
Did you ever wonder what the world looks like from a really low viewpoint? Well, here's your chance to explore it, by taking shots from a position our canine friends would have. This should be a really fun theme. :)

TOPE 28: Rain
Shooting date:
From: +/- September 10th, 2006
Until: +/- October 21st, 2006.
Could the timing be any better for this theme? Indeed, when the northern hemisphere is in full-blown autumn we are fortunate enough to get to shoot pictures of rain, or aspects associated with it.

TOPE 29: Food
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2006
Until: +/- January 21st, 2007.
Aaaahhh, what's on a man's mind? Well food is certainly one of the things. :) This should be another very diverse theme revolving around the preparation of food, the variety of food, food itself, or anything else clearly associated with food.

TOPE 30: Animals
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2007
Until: +/- April 21st, 2007.
Animals come in a great variety, and they all qualify, be they zoo animals, your favourite pet, wildlife or perhaps even pesky insects.

TOPE 31: Still lifes
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2007
Until: +/- July 21st, 2007.
Apples and pears, or flowers in a vase? Well, those could certainly qualify in a typical still life, but also more creative interpretations of the theme could fit the bill. I'll certainly cut the submitters some slack here in order to prevent a cliche theme. :)

TOPE 32: Walt Wayman tribute
Shooting date:
From: +/- September 10th, 2007
Until: +/- October 21st, 2007.
Sadly one of the OM-list's biggest characters and finest photographers passed away on July 15th, 2007. Those of us who knew Walt knew him well for his excellent pictures, and for his tongue-in-cheek (often in-your-face) comments on the OM-list. Those of you who do not know him, can see his work in no less than 20 of the first 25 TOPE events, making Walt one of the most consistent contributors, until life overtook him. In order to honour Walt's memory well, for this theme you can either take pictures of something that reminds you of Walt (do I hear the "SUV" word? ;) ), and/or simply take brilliantly executed shots (of a subject of your own choice), with high levels of detail and spot-on compositions. This is one for Walt guys, let's make this a theme Walt would be proud of!

TOPE 33: Colour
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2007
Until: +/- January 21st, 2008.
It is said that the most distinctive and specialised feature of the human eye is the ability to distinguish a wide spectrum of colours. For this theme the idea is to show some nice colourful things, or to show special aspects of colour, or even show something in which colour plays a vital role. Lots of freedom, and the only thing I think will be difficult to qualify for the theme are B/W pictures. :)

TOPE 34: Flora
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2008
Until: +/- April 21st, 2008.
Flowers, plants and trees can be very diverse, ranging from the delicate Edelweiss, to gigantic Sequoia trees. In this theme, the task at hand is to show us the lovely world of the flora. Note that this theme is not limited to the flora's natural habitat, so e.g. flowers bought at the market also qualify.

TOPE 35: Dealer's choice
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2008
Until: +/- July 21st, 2008.
This is a "wildcard theme", and it carries as subtitle: "your best shot during the shooting interval". Anything goes, and everyone has complete freedom in picking their favourite shot taken during the shooting interval.

TOPE 36: After dark
Shooting date:
From: +/- September 10th, 2008
Until: +/- October 21st, 2008.
A totally different world emerges once the sun sets. For this theme, the idea is to show the aspects of that. For example, one can take pictures of nighttime animals, or perhaps some activities (like the city's nightlife) that only take place after the sun sets.

TOPE 37: Signs
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2008
Until: +/- January 21st, 2009.
This promises to become yet another very diverse theme, as one can take pictures of e.g. traffic signs, or perhaps of other types of signs altogether! Perhaps someone can even get pictures of crop circles or the Nazca lines.

TOPE 38: Hot or cold
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2009
Until: +/- April 21st, 2009.
Some like it hot, and some not. In this theme you are free to choose whether you want to show something that is related to 'hot' or to 'cold', or a combination of the two, if you can find one...

TOPE 39: Wet
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2009
Until: +/- July 21st, 2009.
Intuitively this theme feels closely related to the formerly treated "water" and "rain" themes, yet this does not necessarily have to be so. Anything wet goes, so you can certainly use some creativity for this theme, that would not qualify for the other two mentioned themes...

TOPE 40: Out in the woods
Shooting date:
From: +/- September 10th, 2009
Until: +/- October 21st, 2009.
The title is pretty self-explanatory: show us some forest aspects, be they fauna and/or flora, or perhaps something else you associate with forests.

TOPE 41: Your favourite lens
Shooting date:
From: +/- December 10th, 2009
Until: +/- January 21st, 2010.
Interestingly enough this is the very first 'technical theme' of TOPE, meaning that rather than setting a specific subject, the theme for this installment is focussed (pun intended) around the gear used. For this theme, the idea is to use your favourite lens for crafting an image of your likings.

TOPE 42: Children
Shooting date:
From: +/- March 10th, 2010
Until: +/- April 21st, 2010.
Every (grand)parents' dream, and it is treated surprisingly late: pictures of children in all their aspects, ranging from playful images, to perhaps pictures of children concentrating intensely on something. As many children as there are, as many different personalities one is likely to encounter, so this promises to become yet another very diverse theme.

TOPE 43: Oh how you've aged
Shooting date:
From: +/- June 10th, 2010
Until: +/- July 21st, 2010.
Perhaps a rather difficult theme. When it was proposed it carried the subtitle: "new pictures of old list members". That is indeed one good interpretation of the theme, but there is no need to have been a long-time list member, as one can also invent their own interpretations (within reasonable bounds, of course) of this theme. Also: note that this theme does not necessarily has to consist of self-portraits, so there is some slack space for original interpretations of this theme as well...

Future themes...
Shooting date:
To be determined later.
Some suggestions (listed in alphabetical order):
Bad photos
Black & white in color
Circles & Squares
Creative use of shutter speeds and/or f stops
Existing art
Funny/bizarre shots
Having Fun
It ain't what it looks like
Man's best friend
Normal lens (40-55 or eqv zoom settings)
One Day...
Our offices
Photos with white-color as main subject, and photos with black-color as main subject
Specific shapes
Sports or Fast action photography
Telephoto lens (75+ or eqv zoom setting)
The human condition
This doesn't fit
Wide angle lens (35 or wider lenses incl those settings on a zoom)
Wild life
Wish I'd thought of that
Your least favorite lens (use your least favorite lens)
Your living place

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