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On this page you will find miscellaneous things of interest, that are somehow related to TOPE, and that do not fit any of the other main categories of the site.

25th TOPE anniversary lens

On February 12th 2006, I was totally surprised to receive the following very nice e-mail from Steve Goss:

Another TOPE hits the net with some fine photography, presented in the usual stellar way.
Olaf, you deserve a lot of thanks for all your hard work in putting on these exhibits. So much so, in fact, that we decided to do something about it. Because this is the 25th TOPE, and the 25th in wedding anniversaries is considered the "silver" one, we decided it would be nice to get you a silver nosed lens.

We have not quite done that yet. Money has been collected and forwarded to Jaap Korten. The final decision of what to buy will be yours. You will need to contact Jaap and work out with him what he has available that you would like.

Once again, Thank you, and congratulations.

Steve Goss
unofficial chair, TOPE lens fund committee

Well, getting a free silver nose OM lens is of course a very nice gesture, and it is very much appreciated! :)

I contacted Jaap Korten, and after thinking the possibilities over, the lens of choice that would be both a best fit for my OM gear, as well as being an exotic lens that I have been wanting to have for quite some time, became the very nice and elusive Zuiko 16mm F3.5 Fisheye!

Down below you can see a few pictures of the actual lens:

Now, by means of this section, I would like to give a big "thank you" to those who contributed to the TOPE lens fund and/or helped organise it. The surprise totally worked out, as I didn't have a clue until Steve's message came in, and I'm very happy with the lens!

Down below follows the list (which is sorted alphabetically by first name) of the people behind the TOPE lens fund; may their names forever be associated with TOPE :)

Finally, down below follow a few of my first pictures taken with this lens. I expect many more to come still! :)

New site design

Years ago, when I first created the TOPE page, I came up with a quick lay-out. Ever since, the idea had been to "soon do it properly", but as so often is the case, I never really got around to making a nicer lay-out.

However, after 25 very successful TOPE events, the time has come that I have finally traded the old (by now) 'retro' lay-out, and changed it to a rather more contemporary one. This time it is no quick lay-out by any means, but rather, it has cost me quite a lot of time in order to get something that looks nice, and that works even more dynamically than the previous TOPE page did.

I had already previously created an image generator, and that has now been extended and fully integrated into the site. All titles and thumbnails are now dynamically generated if they weren't already in the server's cache. Also, I have created a new section called 'Extra' (which is what you're reading right now), where some special things of interest regarding TOPE are listed.

Finally, down below you can see some screen shots of the old style lay-out, vs. the new style.

Old style New style

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