The gallery of realised TOPE events

Down below, you can find links to all the TOPE events that have been realised so far. For a full list of upcoming TOPE events, please click on the "Events" button in the top menu, or click here.

The following events have been realised so far

TOPE 1: Self Portraits
TOPE 2: Night Pictures
TOPE 3: Bokeh
TOPE 4: Abstract Photography
TOPE 5: Portraits
TOPE 6: Macro
TOPE 7: Human Society
TOPE 8: Flash Photography
TOPE 9: Landscapes
TOPE 10: Water
TOPE 11: Architecture
TOPE 12: Things that show age
TOPE 13: Black and white photography
TOPE 14: Patterns and textures
TOPE 15: Landmarks
TOPE 16: Movement or motion
TOPE 17: Reflections
TOPE 18: Machines and tools
TOPE 19: Through a window
TOPE 20: Urban scene or cityscapes
TOPE 21: Simplicity
TOPE 22: Sunsets, sunrises and skies
TOPE 23: Vehicles/Transportation
TOPE 24: Nature
TOPE 25: Technology
TOPE 26: Shadows/Silhouettes
TOPE 27: Low Angle/Dog's Eye View
TOPE 28: Rain
TOPE 29: Food
TOPE 30: Animals
TOPE 31: Still lifes
TOPE 32: Walt Wayman tribute
TOPE 33: Colour
TOPE 34: Flora
TOPE 35: Dealer's choice
TOPE 36: After dark
TOPE 37: Signs
TOPE 38: Hot or cold
TOPE 39: Wet
TOPE 40: Out in the woods
TOPE 41: Your favourite lens
TOPE 42: Children
TOPE 43: Oh how you've aged

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