Crested Dwarf Iris After a Spring Rain

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Submitter's name: Johnny Johnson
Title: Crested Dwarf Iris After a Spring Rain
Gear used: OM-4 + Kiron 105mm, f2.8 macro lens + tripod.
Diaphragm: f5.6
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
Film used: Velvia metered at 40 ASA
Technical information: I attempted to have both blossoms in focus by taking several additional shots with the lens stopped down to f16 and f22 but the resulting slower shutter speeds combined with movement from the wind blurred both flowers. In retrospect, I wish that I had opened up all the way and tried putting the second flower even more out of focus.
Subject information: I was riding along a forest service road looking for a "mossy creek" shot for TOPE 10 when I noticed a bed of wild iris. It was just after a spring thunderstorm had passed through and the flowers were covered with raindrops. I decided a shot of them would be a perfect fit with the TOPE 10 theme and wouldn't be as passe as the mossy creek shot I originally envisioned. The blossoms are 44mm in diameter at the plants are 16cm tall.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Mickey Trageser (no e-mail specified) What would have been an attractive photograph is made even stronger with the bold droplets. Beautifully done.

Comment left by: Eric Pederson (epederso@darkwing.uoregon.edu) Very nice. Re: d.o.f., I agree a either more or a little less would have been better. At 2.8, you might not have had all of the front iris in focus though. Maybe f4 and physically pull the second iris a little further away. This would have blurred the foliage just a bit more too.

Comment left by: Terry Dade (bettyboop2k@insightbb.com) What a gorgeous shot, and each droplet shows so perfectly.

Comment left by: Gary Edwards (no e-mail specified) Too bad you weren't able to bracket apertures, but I think this is just fine. Beautiful, crisp droplets and gentle, even light. Nicely done.

Comment left by: Johan Malmström (jmalmstrom@mac.com) It's so sharp! I would liked the dof to be shorter too, but this is a great shoot.

Comment left by: bbbean (bbbean@beancotton.com) You're right on target with your DOF comments, but I didn't notice any problems at all until you pointed them out. I'd love to see this at about 11X14 or so. Nice shot.

Comment left by: siddiq (no e-mail specified) incredibly sharp~

Comment left by: Joel Wilcox (no e-mail specified) No qualms about DOF. A very nice shot.

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