Small World

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Marc Simon
Title: Small World
Gear used: Olympus OM4Ti with Vivitar Series One 90mm f/2.5
Shutter speed: Between 1/125 and 1/250
Film used: Fuji Superia 100
Technical information: (exposure in auto mode)
Subject information: A morning I was surprised to see that the water I've tipped in a pan was changed in a strange "universe", a source of inspiration.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Mickey Trageser (no e-mail specified) The thumbnail looked like an earthshot from space. Now I'm thinking sausage grease in soapy water? Creative approach.

Comment left by: bbbean (bbbean@beancotton.com) I love shots that take every day objects and give us a new way to see them. Excellent work.

Comment left by: Anonymous Visitor (jamesfc@gte.net) Wow, at first I thought this was taken from a satellite - great eye to see that image!

Comment left by: Gary Edwards (no e-mail specified) Well done, but yeeechhh.

Comment left by: Jay Maynard (jmaynard@conmicro.cx) I dunno about "yech"...might have been some good eatin' in that pan. Next time someone does this, they should include the contents of the pan in technical information.

Comment left by: Marc Lawrence (mlawrence@cfp.com.au) The same day I'm leaving my comments, Astronomy Picture of the Day has an extreme closeup of your frypan:


I like this. My first thought was that it was a lage river delta somewhere. I'm wondering what could have been done by having everything in focus, taking the picture from directly above (just thinking out loud).

Comment left by: Joel Wilcox (no e-mail specified) "Definitely an M class planet, Number 1." Great imagination!

Comment left by: marc simon (marc.simon@skynet.be) So, now the technical "cooking " details: in this pan where cooked some merguez those little north african saussages coming from a Moroccan butcher. some where of the "spiccy model" and the others where with "fine herbs"...cooked with olive oil, of course "Extra Virgin" eaten with Couscous and a little touch of Harissa...
The taste was nice...
Why not a future "Cooking Tope Event" ?

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