Wave coming in.

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Wayne Shumaker
Title: Wave coming in.
Gear used: OM-4Ti + 35-80/2.8
Diaphragm: Unrecorded
Shutter speed: Unrecorded
Film used: Fuji Velvia.
Technical information: Handheld while clamoring about the rocks.
Subject information: Hart Bay St John, USVI, April 2002.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Marten Beels (mbeels@yahoo.com) The first thing I saw in this picture was a face, the two eyes are the 2 drops in the middle of the frame. I like the hues(?) of blue and the varying textures of water from soft to hard.

Comment left by: Mickey Trageser (no e-mail specified) I also noticed the two 'eyes' first, but quickly concluded that the one on the bottom is the left eye of a frog in profile. Interesting imagery. Lets the mind wander.

Comment left by: bbbean (bbbean@beancotton.com) Very cool and very abstract. I'm not sure what I'm seeing, but I like it.

Comment left by: Chuck Norcutt (chucknorcutt@attbi.com) I saw the "frog" as well and the "ghecko" right above him. It could also be an alien planet from 100 miles up. A pleasing, restful image.

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