Tate of Steel

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Benson Honig
Title: Tate of Steel
Gear used: OM-4 + 18-28 (at 18) + Gitzo tripod
Diaphragm: f 8
Shutter speed: Around 1/250, I think...
Film used: Agfa 100
Technical information: I found that B&W made the strongest statement so I converted it in the digital lab, adding contrast and stronger shadows.
Subject information: This is the footbride over the Thames leading to the Tate gallery. It's a beautiful spot of London - but few take notice of this particular angle. Of course, once I set up the tripod, it temporarily became a popular vantage point!

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) Don't mess with this bridge, it features a rocket launcher on the side...;)

More seriously: I like the leading lines, and indeed, you chose a great angle for the shot!

Comment left by: bbbean (bbbean@beancotton.com) Very nice. I like the detail, the abstract quality, and the detail in the distance. I would love to see this same shot with HIE or Tri-X and an orange or red filter!

Comment left by: Bob Gries (gries@nothingrhymeswithorange.com) One can really understand the techtonics of the bridge with this shot. very nice how the background context is still readable. well done!

Comment left by: John A. Lind (no e-mail specified) Doesn't look as if there's a horizontal or vertical line anywhere in this one. Maybe a touch of subtle horizon line near the lower right corner, but that's it. It's what gives this photograph a feeling of energy . . . combined with the strength and power of its massive materials and how you captured their shapes.

As with the other B&W's I've looked at, and as you mention, I agree with your conversion; it helps highlight the structure, shapes and lines. A very attention grabbing perspective with the unique, massive shapes in the foreground followed by the lines that suck the eye further into the photograph.

Comment left by: Wayne Harridge (no e-mail specified) Great composition. I'd like to see a little more contrast - just looks a little flat.

Comment left by: Gary Edwards (no e-mail specified) Nicely handled. I like that you held the textures in the shadows, but a little more contrast, as Wayne suggests, might make it a bit stronger. Good job with an 18 mm focal length - the image does does not scream ultra-wide-angle.

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