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Submitter's name Siddiq
Title: ??
Gear used: OM1n, Zuiko 28/3.5
Diaphragm: Unrecorded, likely f5.6
Shutter speed: Unrecorded, likely 1/15
Film used: Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400
Technical information: Leaned on railing for support. Fuji PictureCD scan, converted to grayscale, slight curves adjust, light USM, save for web. Rubberstamped developer spots.
Subject information: Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston. A bit sterile and noninvolving, but I haven't been in TOPE for a while due to sheer laziness, so it's better than nothing (the only "architecture" photo taken during the shooting period).

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) Good shot, I like the stairway (and the perspective on it) a lot.

Comment left by: benson (benson@gsb.haifa.ac.il) Clean, sleek, Scandinavian. I would only suggest spotting out the two little white circles on the left hand side - if you want to really reach, remove the plant - and I think it would make this nearly pefect.

Comment left by: TBA (no e-mail specified) Alas, I couldn't touch anything; security guards every 15 feet; they kept rotating around me as I walked thru the exhibits--took a while but after I got used to them, picture taking was easier. I wondered about the spots, look like film developing maybe? I'll send in a cleaned copy this evening. thanks

Comment left by: Donald MacDonald (donald.macdonald@care4free.net) I quite like this, actually. There are probably a couple of crops that would also work, including the centre portion of the top half of the image. Maybe using an 85 would have pulled that in. But it is fine as it stands (though the plant is a bummer, IMHO).

Comment left by: Chuck Norcutt (chucknorcutt@attbi.com) Well durn! I was so taken in by the stairway and the great contrasts that I didn't even notice no stinkin' plant.

Comment left by: TBA (no e-mail specified) Well, now that you folks mention it, it would work with cropping out the plant, and that just also happens to line up the top edge of the picture with the prizm shaped bricks along the wall. But that would take out two dark rectangles (elevators/doors), which I kind of like. I don't believe the security would take too well to my request for putting the plant below its table for a photo

Comment left by: Doro (no e-mail specified) a classic! I agree that the dark rectangles *are interesting. I thind the plant is not a bad idea to keep the romm from being totally sterile, but I guess it's difficult to transport that in b/w.

Comment left by: Wayne Harridge (no e-mail specified) Makes me feel quite insecure looking at this shot.

Interesting effect.

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