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Submitter's name: Damon Wood
Title: Highrise
Subject: A highrise apartment block in South Perth, Western Australia.
Equipment used: OM1-N [MD], Winder 2, Zuiko 28mm f2.8, Hoya Y(K2) filter.
Film: ILFRORD FP4 Super ISO 125
Exposure: fll @ 1/500
Notes: Photographing architecture and wide-angle lenses are very complimentary. The problem I faced was that I didn’t want to replicate a picture that looked like many other typical architecture shots. B&W outlines contours and shapes very well and using yellow filters creates an overexposed, yet when exposed correctly, almost infa-red type images.

‘Highrise’ depicts a very simple, but effective image. A number of square blocks project themselves on what seems to be a rectangular formation reaching a dark, somewhat limitless sky. Shape also takes place on the walls. Harsh, grained contours on the nearest wall are outlined by angled light and almost dissipate into the distance where direct light falls onto. Most of all, the image was with patience, tightly positioned in the frame. The final result would be somewhat different if composition was disregarded.


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Comments made by others

Comment left by: siddiq (no e-mail specified) very cool, almost thought this WAS IR

Comment left by: Doro (no e-mail specified) I like the light/shadow proportions and the angular light in this one a lot. Maybe the cropping on the left is a little tight?

Comment left by: Chuck Norcutt (chucknorcutt@attbi.com) I like it. I'd like to see a much larger version since it looks like there's a lot of detail in the original that I can't see.

Comment left by: Wayne Harridge (no e-mail specified) I really like the way the texture of the wall has been rendered and the black sky.

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