The library.

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Johan Malmström
Title: The library.
Gear used: OM-1n, G.Zuiko 28/3.5
Diaphragm: Not recorded, probably quite small...
Shutter speed: (Handheld but not recorded)
Film used: Ilford FP4+
Technical information: The 28mm is my widest lens and I used it get close but still conceive as much as possible of the building. Copied on to Ilford Multigrade IV with 1/3 of exposure time with low grade (probably around 1) and 2/3 of the time with a little more grade (probably around 3). The paper was tilted quite much in the enlarger to straighten up the falling lines. The diaphragm on the enlarger were set on the smallest value. I see some drymarks on the copy and some dust on the scan but didn't want to mess it up in Photoshop. I only corrected the contrast a bit after scanning, though the scan was quite pale.
Subject information: This is the library of Almedalen (Elmwood valley) in Visby, Gotland. It's both a public library and the library of Gotland University Collage. Visby is famous for its city wall, roses and ruins. Perhaps it will be known for its new library to, a very good (IMHO) example of modern architecture. In fact this is more or less just the entrance of the library.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: John A. Lind (no e-mail specified) This has a distinct Bauhaus feeling to it, likely because the glass on the right is in near darkness (close examination makes me think it's more International style). A good celebration of its "cube" shape by shooting it with the windows in deep shade combined with using B&W.

To use an "Ian-ism" my one niggle is the sign in the foreground which you cannot do much about, except get arrested for cutting it down with a hacksaw. About the best you can do is what you did . . . put it into the shade.

Comment left by: Wayne Harridge (no e-mail specified) Like the use of B&W.

I'm indifferent about the sign - at least there are no power lines !

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