Thermi, island of Lesvos, Aegean Sea, Greece

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Submitter's name: Thanasis Evagelopoulos
Title: Thermi, island of Lesvos, Aegean Sea, Greece
Gear used: OM-4Ti + Zuiko 35 - 105, f3.5 - 4.5 Auto Zoom
Film used: Agfa Vista 100 ASA
Subject information: This long abandoned building in the small spa town of Thermi, island of Lesvos, was probably in its heyday a hotel for the bathers. The groundfloor arches remind of the island's islamic past: It belonged to the Ottoman empire until 1912. At the foreground, ruins of the ancient Greek town of Thermi remind of the more distant past of the town.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) Cool to see another shot from Lesvos in this gallery, I certainly did not expect that!

We didn't make it to the location pictured here, which, perhaps, is a good thing, otherwise there might have been two entries in this gallery from this spot. :)

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