Fungi - Tholt-y-will plantation

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Andy Radcliffe
Title: Fungi - Tholt-y-will plantation
Gear used: Olympus E-1 and 11-22mm lens @14mm focal length
Diaphagm: F 10
Shutter speed: 1/30th sec.
Film: Digital @ISO 200
Technical information: Hand held shot. Levels adjusted , re-sized and sharpened in PS 7.
Subject information: I spotted these fungi (fly agaric? ) on a late afternoon walk through some woods near where I live, and thought they suited the TOPE theme.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) I had hoped to spot some of those as well, but it is not so common anymore nowadays to find several of those mushrooms nicely together. I'm glad you did find some though!

Comment left by: Charles Sdunek (csdunek@comcast.net) Yep, fly agaric or amanita muscaria. Poisonous but beautifully photogenic! I've photographed many of these, especially a little earlier in their lives when still domed on top.

Comment left by: Darin Rhein (d dot rhein at comcast dot net) Beautiful shot. Is that elk scat I see to the left of the foremost mushroom?

Comment left by: Scott Gomez (no e-mail specified) Nicely done, I like the very rich color. Looks like rabbits have been providing the mushrooms' food supply...

Comment left by: Bernard Frangoulis (no e-mail specified) I especially like the composition. I would perhaps have tried to show a little more of the trunk of the mushroom in the foreground, but perhaps this was impossible?

Comment left by: John Radcliffe (john.radcliffe@manx.net) Still like it a lot. Looks nearly as good on screen as the print - that orange really glows. Like the DoF, that they're not "perfect specimens", and the contrast with the droppings!

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