See not, hear not, speak not

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Submitter's name: Olaf Greve
Title: See not, hear not, speak not
Gear used: Olympus Camedia C2020Z, lens set somewhere in the mid-tele range
Aperture used: f2.2
Shutter speed used: 1/500th
Media used: Smart Media
Technical information: This is a composite picture of three individual shots of our daughter. Each individual shot was taken from the same position, and the exposure was (spot) measured on the sky. The raw images were nearly good enough to be used directly, but I reduced the brightness and cranked up the contrast in order to get the silhouettes to look nearly perfect black. The background comes from the actual sky. At first I tried using the actual skies, but it turned out to be too much of a hassle for my likings to make a seamless composite fit. In the end, instead, I used a 1 pixel wide piece of the actual sky, repeated that horizontally as backdrop and added the composite shots on it.
Subject information: It was about time for a shot I would have to 'make' instead of just 'take', so I finally put an idea I had for a long time to practice. The shot is based on the little statues of the three "See not, hear not, speak not" monkeys one used to see quite a lot in the past (and which I have not seen for a long time).
Originally I had envisioned the shot as a regular composite (i.e. not as silhouettes), but due to a lack of photogenic structures over here (which would serve as good subjects for the theme), I decided to choose the envisioned shot using silhouettes for the TOPE 26 theme.
I think the end result works pretty well.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Jay Drew (no e-mail specified) Fun interpretation of a popular theme and nicely executed

Comment left by: Flemming Kristensen (no e-mail specified) I like this one. Good graphical qualities, good idea and good craftsmanship.

Comment left by: Moose (olymoose@gmail.com) What Flemming said; first class execution of a good idea for the theme.

The original monkeys are in Kyoto, Japan on the temples. Maybe your family should go see them!

Comment left by: Chris Barker (no e-mail specified) That's very clever.

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) Moose: maybe I did see them, as I went to Japan in 1998. The trip also included Kyoto and we did see quite a few temples there, however, I do not particularly remember having seen the original. A pity. :)

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