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Submitter's name: Hans van Veluwen
Title: Flame
Equipment: Olympus E-300 & Zuiko 50mm/F1.2
Settings: A mode, ISO 400, -2 stops compensation, F1.2 resulting in 1/60 sec, manual focus ;)
Technique: The silhouette was created digitally from a normal properly exposed shot by decreasing the brightness and increasing the contrast. It was taken inside under dim natural day lighting, so I could just cope with ISO 400 and F1.2.
Subject: Flame the cat is always willing to pose, even if I have to push the lens almost right into her mouth. The Zuiko was set at its minimum focusing distance.

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Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) This is lovely!
Very nice strong animal portrait and very nice limited DOF (I love those out of focus whiskers as contrasted by the sharp hairs).

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