Shadows of a by-gone past.

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Fernando Gonzalez Gentile
Title: Shadows of a by-gone past.
Film: Fuji Velvia 50.
Exposure: around 1/30 on Auto Mode, +2/3 compensation.
Diaphragm: f5.6
Gear used: Hand held Olympus OM-2n with Winder 2.
Zuiko 28 mm f2.8 with hood, 1-8 screen, Eyecup 1.
Subject info: Inside the bigger room of one of the buildings which form part of the psychiatric hospital I work at, two people approached and asked me if I would take them a picture. They posed without any directives of my part, but framed quickly as I judged better.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) A fine shot indeed!
Brilliant lightfall and a very interesting and dramatic composition.
Personally I think the feeling of sadness of a psychiatric ward would perhaps be even stronger conveyed if you hadn't mentioned that the two women were actually posing, but it's a most excellent shot nonetheless!

Comment left by: Jay Drew (no e-mail specified) You have really captured a sense of isolation / desperation.

Comment left by: Manuel Viet (no e-mail specified) What to say ? This picture leaves me speechless as every true classic image. Excellent.

Comment left by: Charlie Geilfuss (Charles.Geilfuss@HCAhealthcare.com) Fabulous shot. Best I've seen on TOPE.

Comment left by: Anonymous Visitor Certainly my favourite from TOPE 26 to date. A great shot.

Comment left by: Andy Radcliffe (no e-mail specified) I can only agree with everything that's already been said. The lighting is simply wonderful.

Comment left by: Brian Swale (no e-mail specified) Marvellous shot. True classic.

Comment left by: Bob Docherty (no e-mail specified) A classic! Magazine cover quality. What a lead in to a story on these places! The forgotten. Excellent is all I can say!

Comment left by: JAS (no e-mail specified) Wonderful and technically sublime! My problem is because I know this kind of buildings and leaves me a kind of dramatic and pathetic feeling ..:(

Comment left by: Ken (no e-mail specified) It's the people in the background that totally do it for me. This is a winner and I've got to agree with a previous comment that this is the best I've seen in the TOPE events. A classic "Photojournalism" style shot, yet executed with unbelievable sensitivity. I appreciate not seeing the faces--the additional "information" would have defined the story too tightly unless you were trying to be an activist reporter. This is a shot for your portfolio. Wow!

Comment left by: Chris Barker (no e-mail specified) That's a most evocative shot. I really like the colours, the tones and the composition.

Comment left by: Andrew Wendelborn ( ) Stunning. A first class effort.

Comment left by: Marcelo Escobal (mescobal@netgate.com.uy) I agree with Ken. People in the background and empty space in the middle is just striking. I work in the same hospital and I assure you this picture has the feeling we share with some colleages when we stop working and look around with another eyes.

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