The Fourth Dancer

Comments made by the photographer

Submitters Name: Larry Woods
Title: The Fourth Dancer
Gear Used: Olympus E-1, OM Zuiko 50mm f/1.4
Diaphragm: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/80
Technical Information: ISO 800, Exposure adjustment -1.0 EV, ESP meter mode.
Aperture priority, Manual Focus (obviously)
Cropped, color adjusted, and resized with Photoshop Elements.
Additional information: Just got the E-1. This was my first attempt taking "real" photos - as opposed to tests. It was a bear to focus the 50mm lens, even at f/1.4.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) This is a great interpretation of the theme!
Both an interesting shadow (i.e. the fourth dancer) as well as some lovely silhouttes (of the audience) are shown.
Great one!

Comment left by: Moose (olymoose@gmail.com) I agree with Olaf. Getting both shadow and silhouttes in the same shot is great. There is even a sense of the repetition of shadows in the three dancers in the same pose.

What really makes it is the sparkly curtain

Comment left by: Chris Barker (no e-mail specified) That's a clever thought.

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