Rainbow quicky

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Wiliam Wagenaar
Title: Rainbow quicky
Gear used: E-1 + 14-54mm.
Diaphragm: f20
Shutter speed: 1/ 320
Film used: ISO 800 setting.
Technical information: Accidentally shot at ISO-800 (read subject info).
Subject information: I saw the rain and rainbow coming towards me from my study at home and ran outside (on my socks) with my camera handy. Quickly took some shots at the widest setting to include the whole visible rainbow. Good thing the E-thingy is splash proof as the big drops were already beginning to fall heavily as you can see from the drops on the front lens. I ran back inside before the real bad rain reached me. Only then I remembered that I still had the E-1 set on ISO 800 :-((, which is quite visible by the grainy look. Still like the end result though.

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